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    Thanks everyone. Pardon me if I don't answer questions in order, it's just that I'm a bit tired at the moment...

    Well, first of all. We mustn't be thinking about what'll happen after defeating Kanto (that's thinking too much in the future, anything could happen). If I ever get to that point, the first idea is to add new places, perhaps a new region (since the background story of my character is that "he comes from an unknow region where he was someone powerful and respected", it could mean that region, or maybe Hoenn if I don't add a new region, we'll see. Wait! don't think I'm gonna put Hoenn, please!)
    A tournament would mean needing a lot of sprites, but mainly, a lot of trainer spots (where you put which poke they have)
    For now, I'll ask, from time to time, and if I feel like it, for someone to post a team, only to be just an ordinary extra trainer with custom sprites, but my restrictions will be high for sure.

    I don't plan to make another rival having the remaining poke (it'll have to stay there for a while...)

    The phone system for now works only in one direction, to receive calls.

    The tower, well, it took me a while to learn to sprite it, so I don't think I'll change it. And the ridges are in the original Gold (perhaps it was supposed to be something else), so I'm putting them here as well (even though I don't know why they are there...)

    Oh, I was forgetting another of [ray.z] questions, yeah, I just like Squirtle and Elekid (and their evos, too bad I wont get the new evo of Elec ) The rest of my team will be always changing, since I wont be like any other trainer, I like to trade and switch pokes. And, I wont be like any other rival which wins all or loses all, it's gonna be an equilibrated battle to see who can get all pokemon. (Meh, I just talked a lot about myself)

    Well, there were some comments about not being able to walk behind houses (behind trees I think you could, but not in certain areas). That's just something I did on purpose. In the original Gold you couldn't, that's why. If it is really annoying, I'll make sure to fix it for next version.

    The pics of the heroes in the intro, the unlz-gba doesn't have the offset for them so I'll have to use another tool (anyone does know which tool is better to edit it?, and offsets if needed)

    DarkArcz: about the sign of "Cherrygrove Town", it's just because there's one of those walking trigger script (the one for Silver later), and it seems to kill the correct working of the sign. I may move the trigger a step behind, but I don't think that could fix it (it would just last a half second more, probably)
    And I'm still confused about which trainer appears out of thin air (surely its because of the hour I'm writing this text). Is Carlos appearing out of thin air?. Are you able to post a screenshot? (help, confused!)

    I need to go to sleep, with a bit of luck tomorrow I'll post again. But another hard and busy week is coming, so let's hope everything goes OK. See ya!