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Hey Zel thanks for making things clear for most people, and im sure youll get up to past Kanto,

And for the new region, i agree that it should be from the unknown region of your character, perhaps you can use the sevii islands? unless you are using them for something, and one more suggestion.. i think your character should also have some new pokemon, like for example, instead of fighting the hero with a weak squirtle (which also makes us wonder, how did he get there without dying from the pokemon in the wild), it should be like, a lv.5 Munchlax or something, if you could do it, and if you DO put new pokemon, make them restricted to you, because it would make the hero eager to travel to your unknown region, and want to battle you more,

sorry, i just have soo much ideas, and i have no idea how to script.. if i knew how to, man id make a really good game, eheh.. im also good at mapping, even tho im a newb at it, lol,

This is off topic, but ill show a pic of route 1 that i changed:

i hope it worked!

One last question.. can i add you to my friend's list?

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