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    Well, I finally understood which trainer DarkArcz was refering to. (a NPC wearing some brown shirt, not?) Yeah, the reason why it mysteriously appears is something out of my control. It's because of something about the conection between maps. The only thing I could do to prevent it is to move the NPCs a few tiles away, so they'd appear normally. However, doing so would mean that I'm not respecting their positions as in the original Gold. Everything this means that I wont change them, so they'll keep on appearing "magically".
    Oh, and about Carlos dissapearing, I've already fiexed that.

    To put Sudo I need to change a sprite, I need to know if there's a poke unnused or something else, so I'll wait a while.

    And I'm using the islands to build Johto, as I dont want to touch Kanto (if there's ever a new region, I'll have to add new maps, I suppose). And I dont want to add new pokes (there's plenty hacks with new pokes, so if you want to catch or battle them, I'd suggest to play them)
    On a side note, battling with a weak Squirtle doesn't mean that Squirtle is my only poke at the beggining. (probably I have something else from that region which knows Surf, and once in Johto I'll send that to the PC)