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    Wow!!! This is amazing! I'm farmilliar with hacking and RMXP, and this is by far some of the best work I've seen, The sprites are amazing, 5 shades of colour on some!!! And creating night and day, wow! (I attemped at trying to do that, and gave up after 1/2 an hour!), The attention to detail on the mapping/landscapes is just phonominal! (I'm probably going to sound like a total n00b) But did you get the codes from a rom and (you can do this) translated hex to ruby (RMXP basis of language) (I know you can do it from hex to C++) and used the codes there, or did you do the codes from scratch? (because if you did, that's AMAZING!!! Also If there are any free positions, I would very much like to help! (Do I PM you, it's my first time here) I would be very grateful if I could!)

    But well done!!! It's going to be a fantastic game (Just by looking at the screen shots!