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    Wow, there haven't been posts lately...
    Anyway, in case you wondered I'm still at Ecruteak (it's taking me more than expected). However I only have few work to finish it (I've already done the Gym and the Burned Tower. I love the event with the legendary dogs, or whatever you name'em), so the heavy part of Ecrutak is done. That means today I'll finish it and start with the Routes to Olivine (which, hopefully will need less time)

    Originally Posted by Dark Lucario View Post
    Perhaps you could use the Doduo OW for Sudowoodo?
    Great job with the scripts, I'm amazed at the accuracy of each event! (I have noticed a few problems, though, i.e. when Earl spins around, so do you o.O) Good luck finishing, zel!
    Thanks for the comments, I really want my scripts to be as close as possible. And about the Earl thing, I did it on purpose, cause I thought I would be funny... :D