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Originally Posted by Green Charizard View Post
Bellsprout Tower looks great! I suggest you use thesame tiles for burned tower - with a slight edit and the one with Ho-oh
Yep, I used the same tileset for the burned and tin towers (It was the easiest thing to do, anyway). But I'm a bit confused about the roof of burned tower, the original Gold doesn't have a burned roof (Crystal has), so I left it unburned, is it ok?

Originally Posted by [ray.z] View Post
Hey, out of curiosity, are you gonna put the Time Machine in.

I know it can't serve any usefullness, but just have it there to serve as a bit of nostalgia.

Actually, if it ain't there, then what's Bill gonna fix?
Obviously, the time machine is not in the hack. Then what happened with the event with Bill?. Well, Bill still fixes the PC in Ecruteak, however all he does is fixing a failure the center had at that time with their trading system. Nothing more than that (Besides, the real usefulness of this event was to make him return to Goldenrod so he would give you an Eevee, and so I did)

All of this brings me a question: can R/S poke be traded in the hack?, yeah, I gave the National Dex from start, but I dont know if they can be traded. (If not, this would be the time to research the event in the island, and to make the same with Bill's event, as Enrico Marini pointed)

Well, in reality, since I'll put all of the pokes, it wouldn't be much of a deal (probably if someone tries to play a "real version" of my hack, then they could never trade'em...)