Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Shiny Gold
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    Huh? You can battle with the egg??? (Never knew that). I wonder if that can be fixed... We'll see...

    EDIT: Well, I got a bit of free time, so I went to play the game once again from start (which showed me how far I am right now), till I reached the give egg script. Everything seems fine with the script. So, once with the egg in my party, I went to a wild battle and then to a trainer battle and I never had the option to choose the egg to battle. I put it in my first spot and went to a wild battle and then to a trainer battle, but then the next poke came out to fight, as usual. I dont know of any other way to try to reproduce the glitch you are saying, all tests turned negative. So I will think there's a problem with the version of FR you're applying the patch (yeah, I know, the typical excuse...)
    Anyway, we'll wait till another user can confirm us if all is ok or not with the egg.