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    Sumthin strange happened....I loaded up my game on Route 32, I battled a bit, then headed back to Cherrygrove, I then saved my game, but when I loaded it again, I was still in Route 32! What on earth happened? Maybe I'll just use the save slots or sumthin. Not that major of a problem.

    Also, I found a rather usefuf glitch. On Route 32, I picked up a rare candy out of thin air...weird, but useful.

    Question and Ideas: Is Lapras in Union Cave? If he isn't will you add him? Since I can't surf right now, I dunno if Lapras is in the cave, and if he isn't, wouldn't it be more traditional to add him there? Maybe you could make it so you can fight him/her/it multiple know, just keep "talkin" to it and snag as many Lapras as possible. I mean, in the original Gold, they came every Friday, no matter how many times you beat or caught them. Since there isn't a time system here....If you need an example of what Im talking about, Pokemon Naranja has an island with 3 Geodude sprites. "Talk" to one of them and you battle it. But after the battle, it doesn't disappear and you can still fight it over and over again.
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