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    Originally Posted by DarkArcz View Post
    Sumthin strange happened....I loaded up my game on Route 32, I battled a bit, then headed back to Cherrygrove, I then saved my game, but when I loaded it again, I was still in Route 32! What on earth happened? Maybe I'll just use the save slots or sumthin. Not that major of a problem.

    Also, I found a rather usefuf glitch. On Route 32, I picked up a rare candy out of thin air...weird, but useful.

    Question and Ideas: Is Lapras in Union Cave? If he isn't will you add him? Since I can't surf right now, I dunno if Lapras is in the cave, and if he isn't, wouldn't it be more traditional to add him there? Maybe you could make it so you can fight him/her/it multiple know, just keep "talkin" to it and snag as many Lapras as possible. I mean, in the original Gold, they came every Friday, no matter how many times you beat or caught them. Since there isn't a time system here....If you need an example of what Im talking about, Pokemon Naranja has an island with 3 Geodude sprites. "Talk" to one of them and you battle it. But after the battle, it doesn't disappear and you can still fight it over and over again.
    Originally Posted by [ray.z] View Post
    When you talk about finding a Rare Candy, are you referring to your attachment?

    Cause that's a Super Potion you picked up there

    Also, the repetitive battling shouldn't be too hard to script.

    But maybe instead of having it like the Geodudes in Naranja, maybe it could be possible for it to come back after every XXXX amount of steps if you know what I mean.
    That Route 32 really is troublesome, isn't it?. I'll check if that weird glitch happens to me.
    I never put a Rare Candy. Probably is a Super Potion, and probably is a semi-hidden item (I really don't understand the hidden items scripts, they turn me crazy). I say semi-hidden because you will just bump into something, and there's the item!
    About Lapras, I haven't made the second floor of Union Cave (since I will as soon as I can surf there, when I get some free time). But, of course, it'll be there, and probably I'll use the same script I used to make the Pokemon Salon, to try it a bit more (I think it'd let you come back after a little time and battle it again).
    I just need to finish Moomoo's farm to reach Olivine, so I'll soon start posting pictures again!
    But, as Dark Arcz reminded me, I need to do a few now reachable places with Surf.

    Oh, I was forgetting! I had to change the badges order to stick between Gold and FR, so you'll probably be getting the Fourth Badge (in Gold) as the fifth badge in my hack. And I'm thinking that being able to use Whirlpool will become just having the necessary item. We'll see...

    Has anyone tried to battle with the egg?, is that possible? (not to me)

    Bad News...

    I hate to bring some bad news, but I need to be off for some little time (between one and two weeks) for my studies. I'll still log into PC, if anyone needs me. But I'm not able to work on the hack till then. Just don't go thinking I'm retiring! (Not as long as I have the fire and your support!)

    Well, I'm off. See you soon!