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    Originally Posted by DarkArcz View Post
    [Note: About what I said about that rare candy, I could have sworn I typed Super Potion...ah well...

    zel: Looks like there is no entry to Iltex Forest in the beta, I tried to cheat by trading over a pokemon with cut and all...hehe, needless to say, it din't work. Is Iltex Forest even in the beta anyway?
    Sorry if I cant test the whole egg-thing (not on Windows right now, besides, I'm just a bit tired). I'll see about it when I get some time. And, DarkArcz, that's right, the beta ends in Azalea and theres nothing else to see (I made the new changes after I made the beta, that's why I call them the "old betas". Probably the next "oldie" will go up to Olivine, forbbiding you to surf to Cianwood.