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    Originally Posted by zel View Post
    Sorry if I cant test the whole egg-thing (not on Windows right now, besides, I'm just a bit tired). I'll see about it when I get some time. And, DarkArcz, that's right, the beta ends in Azalea and theres nothing else to see (I made the new changes after I made the beta, that's why I call them the "old betas". Probably the next "oldie" will go up to Olivine, forbbiding you to surf to Cianwood.
    If you're forbidding Surf, then doesn't that mean that you'll have to block the Kimono Girls' dance hall?
    PM me if you'd like to hear some of the ideas I have for ROM hacks. I've got some subplot ideas and Fakemon that I really want in a hack... as long as I don't have do the whole hack. xD

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