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Hi guys! now checking all the new customized blanks than are appearing and the constanly imrove than is showing our faker community I think than is time than post a thread for help us between us... Constanly I see than the people here is needing something for their cards, so here we can share o

Yay! for the Community spirit!!!


Here are some links

Resource Makers:
- A cool Brush Maker in the dA Community... many of them are simple but useful ;P. I hope than her resources can be useful
- A freaking Resouce Maker Clubs... with a growing number of brushes, stocks, etc this place is a paradise if you are searching something

Authorized Brushes:
yeah! the brushes than has the permission for be distributed here by the Author I will post them Here. In that sense I respect their rules
-Tech Brushes Packs 1 2 and 3 -by Sabu-Kudo
-Tech Circle Brushes - by PAULW
-Tatoo Brushes Set by CloakofStars
-Celtic Brushes set by CloakofStars
*(you must do click in the little screen icon in the left side of the screen, this is the dowload button)

Some Webs:
A excellent web with a lots of tutorials and resources. This one include Adobe, flash and even Webs resources
Really handy for the brush and resources than can be find here

My Custom Resources:
-EX: Great City - Metro Style resources

.......Coming soon more ;P
The streets' history will be revealed...

Also Visit my dA Galerry Please: Link
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