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    Actually, it's only found in the Japanese Crystal Version. If you get the GS Ball (Teru-Sama) from the lottery in Crystal, you can take it to Kurt for a day, then get it back and go to the shrine in the Ilex Forest. A Celebi will appear. In the English version, the prize was changed to a Master Ball, making the event impossible to find, but a GameShark can activate the Celebi event for English versions.
    I think it would be neat for you to include the GS Ball (with that name, not TERU-SAMA) by some other event besides the lottery (too hard!) and include the Celebi event that was obscured from America.
    PM me if you'd like to hear some of the ideas I have for ROM hacks. I've got some subplot ideas and Fakemon that I really want in a hack... as long as I don't have do the whole hack. xD

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