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Originally Posted by DarkArcz View Post
TERU-SAMA is some useless junk that players got when they tried to shark out a GS ball(which doesn't exist in the english version)It serves no real purpose 'cept for selling, since it can't trigger the Celebi event. And why can't you make Suicune appear like the old Gold? Surely FireRed can allow such a thing, after all, Suicune/Raikou/Entei do appear in the game. Unless you meant you couldn't do it the Crystal way?
Ah, I seem to remember about TERU-SAMA, I think I got it by playing with a gameshark code a while ago...

Well, I havent really played FR so much, so I didn't know how the event with the legendaries work. They run in the wild, as they did in Gold? And, second, where the event with the legendaries is triggered?

Anyway, I could try to research the event where you set them free (I do remember you can only have one, based on your starting pokemon, though). If it's possible to make ALL of them run wild by using a script, I'll do it. Otherwise, it would requiere some extreme hacking, a thing I cant afford. Thus, finding another way to get them (I've been thinking of a few cool new ways!)