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They do run wild like Gold, and I don't exactly remember how, but its after beating the League, thats for sure. You don't have to script them to run around all over the place, infact, it would be easier for all of us if they kept themselves on the ground for more then a second or two. However, how are you gonna stop them from escaping? OK, so you can modify they're move set so they won't use roar, but all of them can flee, and if you made them a once in a lifetime kinda pokemon, one wrong slip and they're gone forever.

I have a suggestion though, why don't you add all the 3 legendaries into every map in the game, but with low % of appearance, like around 1% or 2%? It would imitate the rarity of the legendaries, the random and by chance encounter while you're exploring someplace. Just a suggestion.

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