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    First of all, this thread is dead, notice how only the noob posted since march 29th. Second of all, Rio prolly didn't know, because the newb posted in it, and made it seem new. Third, the japanese versions of games (or cards or anything like that) suck, you can wait till they come out in America (unless you know they wont) Fourth, how are you supposed to be a fusion of Zero and Protoman if A.J. was already Zero, and Protoman isn't even in the series (unless you make him in it by having him as your 'cc' even though he wouldn't really be your cc) Lastly, I'll only take back everything I just said if A.J. starts this rp up again, then, you will find me posting in it as well. (However, don't get offended by anything I said here, just my thoughts)
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