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    After resting and relaxing, Zara, George, and Kylarheaded back out, on their way to the Petalburg gym. Zara and George were arguing.

    George, Im battling the gym leader first! Zara announced.

    No, I am, you ham! George yelled back at her. Zara gasped at his remark, and started running towards the gym. Oh no you dont! George sped up, and Kylartrudged slowly, shaking his head in grief.

    Zara reached the gym first, beating George by a few seconds. She knocked on the big glass door. She peered inside, but she couldnt see anything, because the glass was so thick. Then the door opened, and Zara, leaning on it, fell inside, screaming. George starting laughing like a hyena.

    Not funny! Zara cried, standing up. Facing her was a short, chubby guy. Hello.

    Hey championa, whats happening? The small man asked. Im Chet.

    Hi...Chet, I-

    We, George corrected.

    We, are here to challenge the gym leader of this lovely gym, Zara said, trying to be nice.

    Chet laughed, and motioned for all three of them to come in. Chet giggled again, And youre beginning trainers, right?

    Yeah, and... George replied.

    Norman, the gym leader, is what you might say, more advanced of a gym leader, Cher answered. He led the group to a room that looked like a fitness gym. In the room, was a guy with Purple hair. He was lifting weights, with a white Pokon by his side.

    Zara looked uneasy. I see what Chet was talking about, Zara said to George. That Pokon looks rough.

    George pulled out his Pokex. VIGOROTH: Vigoroth is always itching and agitated to go on a wild rampage. It simply can't tolerate sitting still for even a minute. This POKEMON's stress level rises if it can't be moving constantly, The Pokex said.

    Cool, Kylarsaid in awe.

    Norman stopped lifting and looked at his guests.

    Hello, can I help? Norman asked nicely.

    Hi, Im Zara, Zara said nervously.

    Norman stood up from his bench, and reached out to shake their hands. George stepped in front of Zara, and held out his hand. How do you do? George asked, rather professionally.

    Norman shook Georges hand. Im well, and you?

    Great. So, are you accepting challenges for gym battles on this lovely day? George asked.

    Yes, Norman said, but I only battle trainers who have obtained four badges. My Pokon tend to be too strong for the beginning Pokon Trainer.

    Than a frail little girl walked in the room. Uncle Norman!

    Walleska, I totally forgot about the Pokon thing, sorry, Norman said to the toothpick shaped girl.

    Aww... Walleska whined. Her eyes filled with tears.

    Norman turned to George, Zara, and Kylar I have a favor to ask of you before you set off on your journey.

    Sure, name it, Kylarsaid, trying to sound dependable.

    Could you take my niece into the tall grass and help her catch a Pokon? Norman asked.

    Sure! George and Kylarsaid, as if they were replying to a boot camp instructor. Zara was still freaked out by Normans Vigoroth, that was staring at her.

    George, Zara, and Kylarwalked the minuscule Walleska into the tall grass.

    Atchoo! Walleska shouted, as they pollen irritated her allergies. Then she fell.

    Wheres Walleska? Zara asked.

    I tripped! Walleska wailed from the ground. She stood up with a Ralts in her arms. I tripped over this.

    Its a Ralts! George commented.

    I caught a Ralts! Walleska cried happily.

    Zara sighed. Sweety, thats not exactly how you catch a Pokon...

    Its mine! Walleska screamed at Zara. She marched back to the gym. They followed.

    Norman beamed as they walked through the doors. Chet was sleep standing up.

    You guys are wonderful! Norman said happily.

    Thanks, but-

    No, buts! Well, how about this. When you come back here next time, I will have a special gift for you, for helping my niece.

    Zara started to say something, but George covered her mouth. Thanks, were looking forward to then!

    The group waved as they headed off to continue there journey. They were ditching that brat Walleska, but not for long...

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