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Alright, none of you new kids will know me and most of you old people won't remember me, but I used to have a whole bunch of rps of here that never really started due to my own absence. I would like to apologize for that.:

...I'm sorry.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, onto the real purpose of this thread. I wish to actually start an rp and see it to completion or at least beyond four pages. ; ANyway, the rp I am speaking of is titled of Gods and Mortals, a vampire-ish rp that has been rated 15+ because of the violent themes in it. I want to see how many of you will actually participate if I start this beast again so that it does not go to waste and all that. All right, this thing is long and when I say long, I do not mean a four paragraph thing. Try five pages typed, single spaced. This is because in order to play as one of my vampiric thingys that are not really vampires, one must know a bit obout what they can and can't do, as well as a little knowlage of the world itself. This rp is not limited to humans and vampire-thingys, it is also open for werewolves(lycan), Actual vampires(The undead things that look like death put in a microwave), demons, angels, and I will even tolerate halfbreeds if you ask nicely. Now I will not post that huge beastie of an intro here. Why, you ask? Because that would require me to be in full access of my computer and I am not at the moment. However, it will be better soon and I will post it if the rp will be played out. So, instead, I will post a snippet of my character's story on here to give you an idea of what we are lookin at here.


Have you ever wondered where the stories came from? The dark and fantanstic tales of creatures of the night that thrived on the blood of the living and struck fear into the very souls of those around them? There had to be some truth to it all. Something that inspired the fear that humans have now of the dark. A fear that keeps them looking over their shoulders when in an alley at night, or drives them to carry a cross about their precious necks. It is quite funny really, their ignorance. They believe that with a piece of metal and a clove of garlic they can defend themselves against something that has no weakness, no flaw. Well, it is true that such methods may work on immitations and the lesser beings. However, true children of time are perfect. There is no place hidden from their eyes, no mind that cannot be read, and no life that they cannot take. Not even the sun in all of it's glory can harm them. So what, do you ask, can possibley save you from them? Heh. Well, that is indeed a very good question. For one, no normal mortal can achieve the actual death of one of our kind. Oh no. And that particular individual would have to be either weakened, a child, or just plain stupid, possibley a combination of the three even. Yes, unfortunately, the human curse known as stupidity has learned to jump species. Sad really. But alas, I am moving off the subject. How to save yourself from a Vampire. Well, for one, don't meet one. A sure fire way to survive. However, there are very few who have not met one actually, or at least a form of vampire. For all of the rest of humanity, making a deal with one of our kind in exchange is a rather common practice. You see, Vampires need more then just blood to get by.

We need servents, connections to the human world, and what is a very popular thing with our kind; pets. But enough of that for now, there are more important things to explain. Another way to defend yourself from death at our hands would be to aquire the assistance of another otherworldly creature. For instance, Lycans have been known to befriend humans and even defend them for a price. Lycans really are not that great a threat, but they are skilled in dealing with our kind I suppose. The better choice would be to strike a bargin with some form of upper level daemon. They ask alot for thier services however. But you are probibley curious about how to kill a vampire correct? Of course you are. Time will do nothing. We have no garlic, nor silver issues. Sunlight is a joke really, as is the good old stake in the heart trick. Honestly I swear that if I ever stumble across the mortal who made up that crock, he or she will wish they hadn't. So idiotic. The whole garlic thing started through a misunderstanding. One vampire had an allergic reaction to garlic and boom! Stupid anti-vamp object number one. Our kind can be killed by others of our kind, and maybe the occassional illness. That is about all that we worry about. We are immortal afterall. There are others like us, fakes, wannabes. These...things are where most superstition springs from. They do not have the black blood, hardly. They aren't even alive. These are the vampires that the mortal world sees. Vunerable to sunlight, defeatable with the use of a strategically placed stake or your standard high powered rifle. They are scum in the eyes of true Children of Time. It is in a way, a Cleatus version of the perfect creature. But, you will see that lot soon enough.

The fact that you are reading this means that at least one human will know of us for whom we truely are. It's surprising how comforting that fact is. And now I am going to tell you a story, one that very few know, and most of them are dead. This story, is the story of a boy. A boy who became a man before a teen and a God before his birth. The silver haired angel from hell...Infinity.


Yeah, that is my lovely narrator Lystless signing off. Now, I know these things sound too powerful, but the actual plot has a way of putting them in check. Basically Infinity is one of the few remaining Children of Time and unfortunately for him, he's become the next target of an organization of SLayers who feel it is time to end his 5,000 year reign. Infinity finds himself drawn into a group of people who are trying to rid the earth of the organization because of some possibley anti-climatic event and there you go. Of course there is a good deal more to it, but this is just the overview. in order for this to work out, we need people in the organization, people in the resistance, normal everyday people going about their lives, and of course Infinity's followers, not to mention the other CHildren of Time.

Please give me your opinions if you are at all interested in doing this. I must leave for class now, so I will not beable to respond until a later time. Farewell.
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