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    Originally Posted by flipboi View Post
    yeh, i made the other video!!!

    hey zel, you know that stone on that route between new bark town and cheryygrove? when i clicked a on it, it froze the game!!! check part 2 of ur hack to see! ( i cant post the url, dont have enough post :/)
    Seen your second video, once again, funny comments. By the way, you should have read my first post, it includes the list of glitches you'll find through the game. (it's not updated)

    Originally Posted by Superkid11 View Post
    By the way... do you get the running shoes at a point?
    Hmmm... Still not decided on when to give the player the running shoes (I was thinking on winning them from somewhere. Perhaps some hidden event?)

    Anyway, I'll post a few screenshots. It's Goldenrod's time!

    I've finished mapping the Lighthouse, I've changed a few tiles (I've used a few tiles from the original Gold), and done the warps, so you can fall into the holes and all that. All that's left is to put the trainers, and Jasmine and Ampha at the top.