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    Hmm... I suppose my fanfic that I am STILL writing could be considered an adventure fic. And a song fic. And a couple of other types. I need some advice...

    The story basically involves three OT characters who have been off pursuing respective goals for the last few months meeting at an inn with a slightly weird author (Ryou, based off of me,) and his Cubone, who have been chronicling their adventures secretly for the past three years and wants their permission to publish the chronicles, along with some "inside perspective" stories that he never managed to discover the events of. The fic will be titled "The Chronicles of Ryou: Erratic", because unlike most fics, I intend to make the writing style slightly different depending on each story. In addition, each character tells the stories in a different way: Ryou tells stories in the third person, Jack tells his stories as songs, Tori does first person stories, and Scott, the final OT, tells the stories in the thrid person, but he tends to over-dramatize events. The stories told range from serious (Jack commanding an army of Pokemon, Tori posing as a rocket member in order to reclaim her prized Pokemon) to downright hilarious (Scott's first battle, Jack meeting his first Pokemon, The Team Rocket Fan Club, and Scott's internet dating fiasco). I've got a few ideas, but I need some feedback- does this look like a good story or not?

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