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    Originally Posted by zel View Post
    Dont like the word "noob" (not too sure about how you use it, guys, but I didnt feel it good), so thats all I'm going to comment. Besides, [ray.z] already said what I had to say. Just remember to read my first post (I suggest the section that's called "Introduction")

    OK, back on track. More screenshots!

    There's still plenty Goldenrod screenshots. And, oops! It seems like I spoiled a bit, you know where, right?

    And, sena82, I had the badges in already, but thanks!

    And... since this thread's getting heavier, I think I may add a new section into my first post: FAQs, where I'll put your frequent questions, which will help me to not keep repeating answers (I'm feeling creative, right now). Is it ok?

    Well, that's all. Back to study, see ya!

    nice screens,

    and zel after the game is scripted are you gonna update the houses and maps and maybe import some GSC music.