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Xhai-chan! Long time no see! Nice to see that you're getting back into RPing.

Anyways, I actually remember the last time you hosted this RP here...ahem, yes, remember it quite well, actually...hopefully you won't have to pass the reins on to me this time around. I'd rather not go through another immortal vampire versus exploding bike of doom conflict. (I'm still having nightmares about that <.<) The problem with threads like this one, though, is that most RPers never come around to the lounge, so you won't really get accurate results. My advice is to go for it and post the thread then invite whatever old RPing partners you can find if there are too many N00Blets, that method hasn't failed me yet, and I've already hosted three. Oh, and I'd advise against letting people take several characters each, it tends to reduce the time and effort they put into creating and developing each one, which tends to be bad. Quality over quantity, ne?

As for actually answering to the topic, I'm willing to give this one another shot if you are. Schoolwork has me rather bogged down at the moment, but it should start lightening up after I get the bulk of the presentations and essays out of the way, and if there ain't time I'll make some, one way or the other.
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