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Originally Posted by nonk_the_mad View Post
good job. great game so far.
heres an alternate evolution to torchic... maybe trade with some item? and yes i do have permission to let you use it. The pic should be there

i can't get it out of the picture but it's an idea
EDIT: heres another
hmm.... maybe Granbir
and maybe an idea for a pre evo
No name yet..
Mind if I point out some problems?

It's not an alternate Torchic evo, it's a Combusken wearing ninja-based items of clothing. It was also drawn by my old faking buddy Kairyu so I have no idea why you're giving me permission to use it.

Granbir? That's a chocobo from Final Fantasy?

Please submit your own work and don't steal.

And the last thing you posted, I dunno what it is but it ain't brilliant by any stretch of the imagination.