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RMXP is correct.

Here it is people!

It's an encrypted RMXP file. You can't edit the thing.

Be warned, if your PC is old and has low hardware, you may experience a lot of lag. This game is best played on newer PCs


You must install the FONTS. When you extract and install the files package, there's a folder entitled "FONTS" in there.

If you know how to install fonts, skip this bit.

Go to Control Panel and open Fonts. Either drag and drop the files from Acanthite's FONTS folder into there, or use the file menu's Install New Font feature and locate the place where the fonts are. You're primarily interested in the Pokemon RS font and the Digital Dream font.

If you DON'T install the fonts, you won't see any text.

The game is far from perfect. This demo is an introduction to Pokémon Acanthite for prospective players. At this moment in time, there are only Wild Battles, and Trainer battles function exactly like Wild Battles (Meaning you can catch their Pokémon and run from battle). Switching in battle is disabled, and levelling up does not work (don't worry, this shouldn't be an issue for this demo). There are minor graphical imperfections. There MAY be some unknown and unforseen errors, and they're more likely to occur while battling. If you're having major troubles, you're able to escape from any battle.

Please don't complain that music doesn't change for battles XD

The game does include an introduction to the storyline, your starter Pokémon of choice, a preview of things such as the Pokégear and battle system, a fair chunk of the first part of the game to explore (three towns, three routes, and a big forest), there's a couple of items, mostly for healing though, and working berry plants that function like GSC's. There is weather and time including morning, day, evening and night.

Hopefully you'll enjoy this snapshot of what Acanthite is about!


This is a release with a few corrections and slightly less glitches! Please download this one.;6130359;;/fileinfo.html


Or alternatively

Remember to install the fonts! Or you won't see any of the text!

If you get any major errors, please let me know.