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    Originally Posted by kkkk View Post
    I've finished play beta 2 and I love it. The legendaries dogs event is so great.
    I've found some glitches and one thing that I didn't find well. I mean the grass at the forest (I forgot forest's name XD) that moves when you pass through it. You could make the forest on a dungeon, so you wouldn't need the grass. It's just an advice. And I've found a few of glitches on farfetch'd puzzle, sometimes it fly through the trees and I must restart the puzzle.

    Bye and goog look!

    One more thing: what do you think about a spanish version when you finish the hack?
    There's a friend working on a translation. We'll see what he gets.

    Originally Posted by hobohunter View Post
    wow amazing job zel. You even got the Uber award. I haven't had time to play it yet but I will soon. also, Is it ok if I put this hack on an rpg site? Of course I would give credit to you.
    First play it. Then we can discuss that in a PM.

    Originally Posted by ZiJing View Post
    Yea,i cant seem to get Charmander,and i dun have any hacks =/
    Still works OK for me. And I have remembered that I havent even changed a thing in the script, cause I'm using the exact same script as the Old Casino (of course, I changed the prizes, but I doubt that could generate some kind of problem, though I wont discard that possibility). May I suggest trying with another (clean) FR rom?

    Well, I'm going to sleep. Hope you guys have fun with zzzzzz........