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    Another hard day of work for me. Well, meanwhile I'll take care of your posts...

    Originally Posted by ZiJing View Post
    LOL !!! in the burnt tower, when u go in,silver will tok to u,but not battle,and wif each step u move north,or as u talk to him he will move 1 step south,and i made him move into the darkness..
    Not happened to me, again. Your glitches seem to not happen to me, if anyone else can confirm them, it could be better. I'm still suggesting you to get another rom.

    Originally Posted by Pikachu_Charizard View Post
    Platinium Silver has been cancelled leaving Shiny Gold the only Gold hack left.
    Too bad... I like G/S Remakes. Come on out, people, spread the world with G/S Remakes!

    Originally Posted by martijn View Post
    Forgotten another TV

    And the Farfetched event is buggy...

    Dont know why that all happens. Well, on second thought, I think I did something with the Behaviour of those two tiles. So I need to check it out.
    The Shrine has wrong movement permissions and Behaviour also.
    And about Farfetch'd I need to know exactly in which tile you spoke with it to get to that place (there are a lot of Script Events, so I need to know which script is wrong).

    Originally Posted by XD003 View Post
    What Maps Did You Use To Make Ilex Forest, Zel?

    Edit: But What Does Map 2.27 Represent? And In 2.25, It Shows no Pokemon.

    Edit2: You Know All Those Plower Patches In Ilex Forest, Those ALL say That TV Quote. Check For Yourself.

    Edit3: And All The Tree Tops, say "It's A Tellephone, Better Not Use It"

    Edit 4: And No, I'm Not A Glitch Hunter.
    *2.27 not telling...
    *2.25 is the contest (the wild pokemon battles are all those Script Events, there are no common Wild Battles!)
    *Behaviour problems 'bout the TV and telephone quotes

    Originally Posted by Wolt View Post
    That's because über was halted by me so I could focus solely on rijonAdventures. That, and the .romhackersweekly concept was meant to replace it but I got bored of it. D:

    Congratulations on the award. Granted, if I still wanted to select awards (I'm too busy with my own hack now) I'd definitely pick this for its mapping, dedication, sprite work and all the rest, since I asked Scizz to revive the awards since I couldn't take the time to do it myself. Hell, because of what Scizz did, I'm inspired into contributing to the awards again. :o

    Oh, and nice thread presentation (if you don't count the mess of banners). :x
    Nice to see you'd pick my hack too, Wolt. I'd pick yours if I was to give an award to someone. Great to see you active into the awards thing. It was necessary, too.
    And, thanks for your comment about my presentation. Took me a few hours, so it's good to hear that.

    Originally Posted by XD003 View Post
    Ok, Another Thing. Why Is The Plain Badge, Badge #4, When It Should Be #3?
    Because you couldnt use Strength if I put it as #3. Cant change FR's badges order. Sorry! I guess some people just dont care about reading the whole thread, I remember I mentioned this.

    Anything else?... I think not, so I leave. See you guys!