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Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
zel, I really like this hack and how much effort you've put into it. I've been watching it for a while going, "This will die like every other remake," but it didn't. I've found a pretty dangerous glitch in Beta 1 though, I didn't see it listed on the first post so I don't think it was fixed. In Azalea Town, when you battle your rival, if you lose to him he appears in the town with no script and crashes the game. Evidently, when the script is activated and not finished he doesn't stay hidden. Just a heads up. Congratulations on your award. This hack deserved it.
Yeah. I'd need to check out what happens when you lose against all the new trainers. I'm not much into losing against anyone. But I should check out. Goes to my list of things to do for B3...

martijn: That could be fixed easily, but... Is it much bother to go back and... reload? :D