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Hello all. Finally been able to get some Hunting in. I was just watching some good ole' Football while playing Randomly and guess what? I got me a Shiny Growlithe! ^-^ Yay! Now I just have to Evoulve it into Arcanine then I can team it up with my Shiny Houndoom! Unleash the Shiny Hounds! >:3

It's a Female and has a Sassy Nature. I Nicknamed it Hizeme. It's only a Level 5 right now since I literally Hatched it just Minutes ago. I shall work on Leveling it up immediately.

I've already decided on what the Hunt for next. I shall be Breeding for yet another... Eevee... I'm obsessed, I know... *Begins Day-Dreamimg about having all 7 Shiny Eeveelutions*

:: New Shines ::

:: Currently Hunting ::
Emerald :: Eevee{Breeding}
Emerald 2 :: Eevee{Breeding}
Fire Red :: Snorlax{SRing}
Leaf Green :: Bulbasaur{SRing}
Ruby :: Groudon{SRing}
Sapphire :: Kyogre{SRing}
Colosseum :: Quilava{SRing}
XD: Gale of Darkness :: Altaria{SRing}
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