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    Originally Posted by ♥Nova♥ View Post
    Shido :: YAY!!! Shiny Dusclops! -Hands out Cookies in the shape of Random Shiny Pokemon- LOL Seriously Congrats. That's a great catch.

    Gold Typlosion :: Don't feel bad about not being able to Hunt much because of Mystery Dungeon. I mean hardly Hunted at all for 3 Days straight in order to beat Pokemon Ranger ASAP.

    Well, still nothing new. Got back from Bingo a while ago{Won $10. That's like... One New Manga? Whoopie?}. But it looks like my unusually busy Scedule is finally clearing up. So it's nothin' but Huntin' now! >:3 Hope to have at least one New Shiny by the end of the Weekend to make up for my slacking. Best of luck to everyone else as well! ^-^

    yay shido! been playing 24/7 and i just got it 3 days ago and ive almost beatn the game
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