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    Welcome! Kick off your shoes and fire up the wifi; we're going trading!

    This is a place where all of you who've imported Diamond or Pearl can come together to trade with other PC members! This club may have a short future ahead of it, depending upon the American release of Diamond and Pearl, but until that time, I intend to keep this place open and keep the trades going!

    The Rules

    Here's how this club works. The first thing you need to do is post your list of Pokemon and items available for trade, along with what Pokemon and items you want yourself. Each member is to make one of these posts, and it must use this basic format:
    Name:--Insert Name Here--
    Friend Code:--Insert FC Here--
    Pokemon I have:
    --Insert List Here--
    Pokemon I want:
    --Insert List Here--
    Items I have:
    --Insert List Here--
    Items I want:
    --Insert List Here--
    After you have made this post, I will link to it in the Members Post. That way anyone can easily get to your list, just by finding your name on the main page. Be sure to update your lists often! Use that edit feature, people!

    Requests for trade
    After you have made your initial listing post, you are allowed to post requests for trades. However, be advised that PC rules still apply. No double posting! If you have to initially, put your request in your list post. You can always edit it out and make a new post later.

    Rules of Conduct
    Please, please, PLEASE pay attention to these rules. They are absolutely necessary for a club like this!
    1. Do not insult other members.

    2. Do not belittle anyone's request for trades. If you think they're being unreasonable, make them a counter-offer. But don't insult them!

    3. Do not post the same request more than two times in a row. If no one offers to trade you what you want, either your request is too unreasonable, or no one has what you need.

    4. Once someone agrees to trade with you, settle the details via PM. Don't clutter the thread with excessive chatting. This is the diving board. The PM system is the pool.

    5. If you intend to trade hacked (Action Replayed) Pokemon, please be clear about it. Don't misrepresent what you're trading. The same goes for cloned Pokemon. Be sure the person you're trading to knows the nature of the Pogey you're giving him/her.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    I will be adding extra info. here as I get questions. Don't be afraid to post a question!
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