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1) I suggest you spell check your plot, sign-up sheet, and technically everything.

2) I suggest you lower the amount of people you expect to have in this RP. PC doesn't even have 24 RPer's who would be willing to join a Naruto RP.

3) I suggest that you add a paragraph about this 'evil organization'.

4) Lastly, I highly, highly suggest you lengthen this, and add the things such as, 'No gods like Sasuke, Naruto, and Neji', and 'You can't be related to any characters in the Naruto series' in a set of rules.

5) ...Nevermind, that wasn't a lastly. >.< Anyway, you should probably specify whether you want the characters to have a specific event in their history, such as 'being sent to Konoha to train to become a Jounin'.