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1) I suggest you capitalize things like, 'Shen Gong Wu', 'Kimiko' and spell 'Wudai' correctly, and capitalize that too.

2) Put more detail into what this 'evil organization' is.

3) Uh...spell-checker.

4) This is just kind of something you're supposed to do, but after you end your sentence with a period, you put a space before starting the new sentence. Like so. See? Spaces! Yeah, it makes the whole thing look a little neater.

5) You don't want to get rid of anything. >.< That'll make it shorter then it already is. xD You might want to describe what's going on with past characters, like if Dojo, Master Fung, and Wuya are still around. (Forgive me if I'm being narrow minded, I haven't watched any of the more recent episodes)

6) You may want to describe the new element of Darkness.

There's a lot more, but we'll see what happens with just that.