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No, I'm only locking new ones.

Over two thousand years ago, Omi, Raimundo, Clay and Kimiko fought in a battle against evil that determined the destiny of the Earth. During this battle, Master Fung had died of old age, and after days and days of fighting, the battle was won by the four monks. As the monks grew older, they started to lose their elemental power, and their Wudai weapons started getting out of control. Soon it got to the point where the monks died along with the elements, and their weapons left to find new wielders. As time passed, a new evil started rising and causing havoc using the new element of Darkness. What is the element of darkness you ask, well not much is known about it now but most people say that who ever has that element can control shadows, then walk into them and come out somewhere different. The user of this element could also transport others into a shadow of perpetual darkness, which is what he did to Wuya when she opposed him. This person with the element of darkness is trying to take over the world. His name is Luke Torom. Soon the Wudai weapons and the elements then found their new masters that would be destined to save the world, and the Shen Gong Wu? They spread throughout the world in new places awaiting their new users. As for Dojo, he had been locked in the secret vault at the old Temple for one thousand years waiting for someone to set him free.

(Hahaha, you should add, 'and causing quite the noise' at the end of the last sentence)

I edited it a bit to make it seem cleaner and smoother. (And I fixed a few capitalization errors) If you don't like it, ignore that, but another thing you might add that could count as the plot is like,

Fire, Water, Wind, Earth. These elements will band together to fight this new nemesis, and bring peace back to the world!

Or something filler-ish like that. Because, you still need like, two more lines before it looks okay to me. >.