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ROM-Hacking - what's that, and how does it work?
The right place where to get answer? Here!

Welcome! This thread was made for beginners who want to know what is, and maybe and learn how do: ROM-Hacking. For people who know what's that all about: Imagine that you just come to this forum and register, and see the section: ROM-Hacking. "For God's sake, what's that, I've never heard about a such thing..." That was the first thing when I got to this subject for a first time... So I've decided to help beginners (often called as "noobs", what's very embarassing for those people) to understand it. So, here we go:

2.What the hell is ROM-Hacking and what are ROMS?!
Rom-Hacking? Modification of ROMs. Don't understand? Okay, but to know what's that, you need to know what's the ROM. ROM is, really simply said, the game itself. It stores its data, pictures, music and so. And where it has to be? It is in GB/GBC/GBA/NDS cartridge (also in other console systems cartridges) - simply said, in that "little cassette" which you put into your console when you want to play a game which is stored in its ROM - in it. But how did it get into the computer? Some people - hackers (not ROM-Hackers) , it's the best word - dump the ROMs from the cartridges into the computer by cable (at least I think so) and send them to people over the Internet or offer them on their webpages (stupid thing , but good for ROM-Hackers :D), what's -in case that's a commercial ROM, that means that you have to buy the game - illegal. So beware! If some inspection finds out that you have ROMs in computer, it can be bad for you. But don't worry, this happens as often as the solar eclipse appears .

3.How do the people hack those ROMs? Are they virtual gods?
No :D. But gods are programmers who made the tools to do the ROM-Hacking work. There are plenty of them, especially in the Tools Showcase section (or were, now there is only a temporary tool resource, but for the start it's enough) of this forum, it's the easiest way to get some. So this is explained. But don't ask how to edit this or this, this explanation isn't about that.

4.And those ROM-Hacks, where to get them?
In the Hacks Showcase section. And for further information how to play them, look into the thread "Before PLAYING a hack"
. There will be something about VisualBoy Advance. It's a program, which makes the same computing enviroment as GBA/GBC/GB has inside its window, it emulates the console or handheld. That's all about emulator, now about patching: It's a way of modifying the file by applying the file (usualy it's a small file) with changes on the original one.

5.The end of the race...
Yes, now you know the basics of theory. Now, you can start practising. When the Tutorials section of the forum will be working again, it'll be a good source for learning. Trust me, I was same beginner as you are and those tutorials helped me alot. See you in some of threads!

See ya!