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Its aight, adn lots of people yelled, you nkow whast really ironic though? 2 years ago, in grade 8, we had a spelling test (adn i tend to Ace these..) and half of the words (25 of them) would be just read to su adn we write them down, and the other 25 words are put together into about 7 or 8 sentences, adn if you mispell a listed word, you lose 2 marks, and if you mispell a word not listed, you lose 1 mark. The very first sentence, i mispelt "Canadian" XD I spelt it "Canadien" the french way, which is ironic cuz in grade8, but rotary etacher for hsitory is my actual allday teahcer.... and in gr8, are main focus is on the French peoplez in Canada... :'( My friends attacked me for that..

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