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    Thanks to ^people.

    Hey everyone, I have made quite some progress since my last update. Not so much in Cianwood(yes, i'm still there), but adding events to the already made towns/cities. Here is an updated list of towns/routes/caves and their completion:

    Sunset Peninsula: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
    -No Update
    Briarsedge Town: 100% Last Update: 01/01/07
    -Added two brats saying 'you can't pass until you tell us the password', so you can't leave until you earn the badge. Mother makes them leave and apologizes after you beat the gym
    -Added Prof.Oaks Aide to give you running shoes.
    Cyan City: 90% Last Update: 01/01/07
    -Added a Rival Battle, when you try to leave to Route 4(North).
    Cianwood City: 60% Last Update: 01/02/07
    -Added Gym
    -Added PC
    -Added Cave
    Route 1: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
    Route 3: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
    Route 4: 99% Last Update: 12/28/06
    -Added Trainers
    -Added Wild Pkmn
    Briar Woods: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
    Johto Valley: 100% Last Update: 12/30/06
    -Added Trainers
    Mt.Sedge: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
    Underwater Caves: 20% Last Update: Currently Working On

    The Underwater Caves will connect Cianwood to Olivine, since you can't use SURF yet. At the beginning of the cave you will see Oak, well... His Imposter and you will have to battle him. You then find out the real Oak has been kidnapped. This is where you will first meet Team Rocket.

    Expect a demo out within the next week, or on the weekend. Thanks, Scompi.