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    XD.... Saffire Persian day... *feels ego expand*. And yeah, it'll be interesting to see what *you're* like as a teenager. Unfortunately, I can't see any cat-girl fetishes in your future. Thanks for your review.
    Well, technically, I was talking about me in that last part, not *me* if you get my drift. Trust me, I'd be shocked if cat-girl fetishes were the best you could come up with. Oh, I have a belated present on the way for you... a small token of appreciation. I'm going to attempt to show you what would happen if this story were found by ACC... if I ever get the oppurtunity to finish it, with all of my other projects. Well, toodle pip and all that! (I'll kill anyone who goes around telling people I said "toodle pip".)

    x x x x

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