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    Originally Posted by Goku Goku View Post
    Jeez, all these rivals in Shiny Gold ... it will be exciting! :D And those screenshots fail to disapppoint.
    The fun part of it is that they have their own unique characteristics, so it's always fun to make more.
    And more are coming! (The next one will be a girl thief who always hangs around with a P... I said nothing!)

    Originally Posted by archer View Post
    3. While browsing around in ADVANCE MAP, i found a strange area that claims to be part of sprout tower.
    The Bankmap locations are 2.57 in advance map and B2, L39 in elite map. Umm... WTF!?

    Hints on were to find Treecko Please?
    1&2. Known and fixed...
    3.Forget about trying to judge what the maps say (most of the isles maps will say johto stuff)

    Treecko: Somewhere between the beginning of the game and Ecruteak City... (I don't like to spoil things...)

    Originally Posted by light_trainer921 View Post
    Is it Amelia over the south-east of the gym? If she is then, I know it's a stupid question but how can she get out of the east statue of the gym? (if you couldn't get through it)
    Yes, she is, and she'll walk behind that statue... lol

    Originally Posted by martijn View Post
    Very good screens,zel! I like the idea of Amelia aswell Will she be a thoughy or a pushover?
    Hmmm... It depends... She'll start out with a weak Ralts, but her party will be conformed by the trio Pyschic/Fighting/Dark

    Originally Posted by Slize View Post
    You're right!

    I posted one link to my map, but I have 15 posts now, so here you go again:

    BMP Format
    Nice map, even though it's not that easy to put maps into the hack (or so it seems, at least in FR)

    Originally Posted by dorebase2006 View Post
    Can you show me the download link ? I want to try this hacked version ! Thank you very much !
    It is located at the bottom of my very first post in this thread. As always my recommendation is to read the thread:, which will explain to those people who are new into playing hacked games how to make them work.

    That is all, a few more... (I'm midway to posting all the screenshots)

    Yes, finally that is Route42! Jeje!