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    The last sentence drive me nuts. Why do you insist zel should get the hack done by at least "October", let him take all the time he needs to do whatever he wants with the hack, and what really needs to be done.

    and Zel very nice screenshots, keep up the Excellent work, i think the graphics(tile sets) looks great. im really looking forward to this weekend, if it comes of course, NO RUSH! was a Dr. Seuss book titled, "Please Try to Remember the First of Octember!". This is literaly word for word, the first paragraph;

    "Everyone wants a big green kangaroo. Maybe perhaps, you would like to have TWO. I want you to have them. I'll buy them for you...if you'll wait till the First of Octember."

    It goes on saying stuff like want a TV skateboard? No school, work? Don't worry, it'll come, on the first of Octember.

    He was just probably ticked off at everyone asking, when will you release your new book? Or something like that. A pure genius, that man was.

    Yay!! More rivals! I hated the fact that there was always only one rival, and he battled you like five times. I know if my neighbor and I had started at the same time, we would have battled at least 50 times before the E4. I can't wait for the *coughstalkerscough* rivals!