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Alright, purple is good.
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Thanks, we're working hard on finishing this, since it's our first 'open to public' project. We've both worked alone in the background for years now, so we accquired experience from there.

The screenshots you see there are a little out of date (as of November), since we got them straight from the old thread. We'll upload some new screenshots, so keep your eyes open

The video was just a preview on what's going on in there. The main reason we didn't put any battle/menu system is... that even I wasn't aware of that video! Yuka made it a surprise for me too
The next video will be recorded by me, so you'll see pretty much everything you are waiting for, without spoiling any story/secret, of course.

The storyline? Well... we don't want to spoil ANYthing, but I understand that is a part of the rules, so I shall write about the story, as you requested.

Give me a few minutes and I'll edit my first post.

@Neo-Dragon: out of place? Well, now that you said... :p We'll keep an eye for that, ok?


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