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    I sampled your hack, and I'm impressed the originality and layout of the map and plot. Good job Scompi! May I post a few minor oddities (they don't hinder anything, though):

    There's a blank space after the names of some trainers, particularly a few on Route 3 (this was from Briar Woods, I think). :\

    I presume they're text errors...the signpost and trainer start speaking some alien dialect or something! LOL :D

    The second picture above this text is a bad example, but these two don't look at you when you talk to them. Though the second picture (with the little boy in Pokecentre) seems to look false, but talk to him, and he won't look at you. Sorry that I took the shot at the wrong time for that one!

    No problem at all...however, I'm curious with what this building will include...TR take-over of course, right?!

    Well, other than those minor oddities, everyone's fine! Once again, great job, and don't give up! It was fun sampling it...I long to see more out of this hack.

    Thanks for posting these errors! I didn't have it tested. I will fix them ASAP. As for the big building in Cyan City, I can't say right now.

    Thanks, Scompi.

    EDIT: Okay I fixed those bugs. Unfortunately i couldnt figure out what was causing the fourth bug(guy with gba), not to look at you.

    Here is the link to Pokemon Legends v1.1

    Some screens,

    *sigh*... this is a long post.

    Here is an updated list of Towns/routes/caves

    Sunset Peninsula: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
    Briarsedge Town: 100% Last Update: 01/01/07
    Cyan City: 95% Last Update: 01/14/07
    Cianwood City: 100% Last Update: 01/14/07
    Olivine City: 0% Last Update: Never
    Route 1: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
    Route 3: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
    Route 4: 100% Last Update: 12/28/06
    Briar Woods: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
    Johto Valley: 100% Last Update: 12/30/06
    Route 40: 1% Last Update: 01/14/07
    Mt.Sedge: 100% Last Update: Before v0.6
    Underwater Caves: 99.9% Last Update: 01/12/07