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    As the group approached route 105, they were pretty tired. Zara was limping, George was groaning, and Kylarwas sweating. George spotted something in the distance.

    Look guys, a cabin, I think! George exclaimed, pointing at a small, log shack.

    George started running toward the cabin, still limping. Zara and Kylarexchanged exhausted looks. By the time they had caught up with George, he was already knocking on the door.

    Theyre not answering, George said, like nobody had noticed that.

    Obviously, Zara said sarcastically. Lets go sit down by the water.

    They walked down to the dock, and sat down. The moonlight was reflected off of the water onto Zaras face. George gazed at her.

    What? Zara asked, confused.

    Huh, oh nothing! George replied, embarrassed.

    Next thing George knew, Zara was leaning on his shoulder, sleep. Kylargiggled softly and George smiled.

    In the morning Zara was woke first. She woke George and Kylarand they started for the Petalburg Woods. As they stepped into the forest, Kykarfroze.

    Whats wrong? Zara asked.

    ...bugs... Kylarreplied, scared to move.

    Oh, yeah, you have that phobia! George snickered.

    Thats a serious medical condition, so shut up! Kylarshouted, lookign around to make sure no bugs wear near him.

    You shut up you over-grown rabid Hoenn Idol wannabe! George yelled. Oh my gosh Ky, look! Its a Wurmple!

    Kylarflinched, and turned blue. Ugh, George! Stop!

    After Kylarmanaged to overcome his fear of insects, the group wandered around in the maze like forest. Then, out of a bush came a trainer.

    Ahh! Kylarscreamed like a girl. I mean, nice to meet you...?

    Uh, sorry to frighten you, The trainer said. My name is Dane, and I was waiting for a trainer or two to come by and battle me.

    I want to battle you! George announced.

    No, George, you always battle. My turn! Zara cried. Hi, Im Zara, and I challenge you to a battle!

    No fair... George whined.

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