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    Originally Posted by me
    LDD's update: I've switched to playing through XD:GoD again, here's to finding a shiny Surskit or Trapinch at a Pokespot! Wish me luck!
    Well I finnished XD:GoD and didn't find a shiny shadow pokemon, I still have the pokespots though. I started in on the first of the 2 games and have 17 of the shadow pokemon on that one again... this being the game I found the shiny Shadow Heracross on I can always hope that luck strikes again around the same time for a shiny Houndoom or Absol or Metagross. *crosses fingers* I'm saved right now right befor the fight with the guy who has the Shadow Entai, if anyone wants to know where I'm at in the game exactly.

    AND for those who haven't seen it yet .... The MANAPHY code for PKMN RANGER!
    1) Turn on game, Access Ranger Net
    2) see "Play a special mission" - press top right trigger button, the X button, and left directional pad at the same time
    3) see "Enter the password has been given"
    4) tap touch screen and it saves
    5) tap screen again, see "Enter the password"
    6) click on password menu
    7) Password is : P8M2--9D6F--43H7
    8) see "Mission is active", turn off game
    9) Turn on game, Access Ranger Net, choose "Recover the Precious Egg"

    (This information taken directly from
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