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    Well, I've only been writing fanfics for a few months, but I'll admit it plainly: I am a very tough rater. I dunno, while I agree with you that people should not take small errors and just make them big... I do that to an extent EXCEPT that I don't make a big deal in rating. Often, except fro seriously bad fics, the more I write in criticism, the better. I can't be bothered to write complex reviews for people who aren't worth the effort. People who do put in the effort though, I tend to write lots in criticism. However, the difference is that in the actualy rating, I don't make a big deal of it. I may take a quarter of a mark away for a half a page criticism on a point (a little over-exxageration, but u get the point). I just felt I had to point that out, because I've been accused of making too much of small things before; but really, IMHO, many authors can't take criticism. If they see a lot of it, like I tend to write, they see bad written in big fat red pen on their face. Sometimes it just gets ridiculous. I guess what I'm saying is, be careful, and do take into account the person who rates, because everyone rates differently. I simply tend to rate very strictly (like, 8 is a pretty good mark XD)

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