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How to change Pokémon sprites
(Beginner Tutorial)

Note that this is a repost of the old tutorial that was posted before the Documents forum wipe. A new and freshly updated version might be posted later.

Well looks like it's kind of a mystery how to change Pokémon sprites in the games...
Hopefully this tutorial will help you.

Please note that this is made for beginners.

Requirements: unLZ-GBA (comes with EliteMap), Imaging Program.

1) Well first off you need a base to draw your new Pokémon on.
For this you open unLZ-GBA, and keep clicking the "next" button untill you reach the Pokémon image you want to use as base.
Once you found the one you want, click on the "Save as" button and save your image in PNG format.

2) Now you have the base image. Edit it in any imaging program and draw your own Pokémon right over it. Save it as an indexed PNG image.
Note: You might need to adjust the palette, but I won't go into detail here since this is a beginners guide.
Okay, once you've finished that, you should have 2 images. The old one (as backup) and your new one. (I called mine "Boxie". =P)

3) Sweet! Now you go back to unLZ-GBA and (if you have closed it before) go back to the Pokémon you want to change.
Now you click the "Import" button and select your new Image.
Secondly, you click on the "Write to rom" button to save your new Pokémon.
When a message box pops up, just select the options you need, enter a new offset for the image that points to free space in the ROM and hit OK.

4) w00t! You're done.
Preview your new Pokémon in the game.

You've successfully changed the sprites and inserted a new Pokémon to your game.
If you want you can now customize the Abilities and Stats of your Pokémon.
This can be done by using program like BaseEDIT (comes with EliteMap), Pokémon-Amplifier, Dexter (comes with EliteMap) and N-E-A or by just using a Hex-Editor.
All tools can be found in the Toolbox, or on sites which are linked in the Tools Reference.

This tutorial is designed for newbies to the Rom-Hacking scene and that's why things are kept simple. I hope its helpful for you.

If I missed out anything, feel free to post the addition.

Tutorial copyright 2007 by Scizz.
You're not allowed to copy things without permission.
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