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I have decided to give this thread a new look, because I realized that it could be much more than it currently is. Anyway, this thread is for modifications of ROM hacking tools and their files. Anyway, on to the rules:

1. This is NOT a requst thread. Go to the parent forums for that.
2. If you are going to post, make it worthwhile. Don't post a useless comment, or anything like that.
3. MODs are free to edit this post as they see fit, preferably to update my list of files.
4. Do not PM me with questions. I have given up ROM Hacking as a rather in-depth, but unnecessary pursuit. I now develop projects in the Game Development forum.

List of Files:

Emerald in Pokemon Amplifier
Advance Map in Danish
Pokemon Green in GoldMap
Pokemon Green in Pokemap
Pokemon Yellow in GoldMap

Also, it would appear that I have lost the files that I originally posted here. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would post the files again.