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    Originally Posted by Samson View Post
    for instance, humnect is so direct for it's pronunciation. you wanna make it something that doesn't require much thought in trying to pronounce it especially considering that it's a starter. something like hummery would do the job. it's really not a combination of anything (it could be... hummingbird and summery, which can describe of or being leafy), but it does the job of sounding like a poke in its first stage.
    I took your sayings into consideration and Humnect is now officially named Hummey. And you're right. Some of the names is to hard, but I'm no good at coming up with good names. Thank you for pointing that out.

    Originally Posted by Electivire View Post
    Is it alright if I borrow the Table and PoKe-balls for my fakemon?
    Yeah sure, If you like it. But please mention my name then.

    Update: Cleow is soon done into a D/P sprite!