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Originally Posted by Angelic Diablo View Post
so she's a thief, and normally they use fire types... but what about if she used a Dark/Fire type... Houndoom should be part of her team, but I'm only suggesting, what happens is entirely up to Zel
I agree, she should have a houndoom, maybe her team should be like Evil Surfing Pikachu, Shiny Charizard, Houndoom, Shiny Camrupt (he has black and yellow, pikachu colors!!!), Shiny Rapidash (it has black fire!), and then Shiny Arcanine (he's got yellow and black fur, also pikachu colors!!!).

Of course the pikachu would be surfing

Of course, when i was doing this, i kept in mind that Ashlee's team has already been made because you fight her before you enter the cave on victory road if memory serves me. I also kept in mind that zel hasnt worked out the shiny script yet. I just thought It'd be cool for a thief to have this team.
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