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    This tutorial explains how you can make events in Advance Map (Not how to edit text or make scripts), such as an eternally respawning item, make someone else say and/or do what another person/sign in the game does, making warps, and making hidden items. Most of these techniques aren't really that important, but, they do majorly help if you're trying to put certain people or rare items in another part of the game.

    First and foremost, if you want to make an event from scratch, go down to the list that shows number of Warps, Scripts, Signposts, and people, and change the number(s) to the one you want, re-point, and follow the steps below. (Make sure to have the Show sprites button toggled so that it shows the event by its type, marked with a letter.)

    To make a person say or do what another person does, you have to find the person you want to "copy" and copy all of the data (unknowns, Script offset, People ID) to another person, be it that you edited them or made them from scratch. If it worked right, that person should now do or say the exact same thing as the one you copied. This technique also can be used to make pokeball items appear in places they weren't before. And, if you want a pokeball item to respawn forever and ever, you might need to change either the first unknown variable to "00", or the people ID to "0000". Best advised to play around with it to find out how it affects different pokeball items.

    The exact same can be said for Signpost events, which are also sometimes hidden items. Only problem is, you can't make a hidden item respawn forever.

    If you want to edit Warps, find the Bank/Map (The number before the "." and the number after the ".") of the map you want the warp to lead to and paste it into the Warp's Bank/Map data. (Useful for looking ahead to check areas you edited later on in the game)

    That was educational, wasn't it? No? Well, hope it has helped anyway.