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Originally Posted by Corrosion View Post
Yeah, i cant wait to try this on a flash card.
Can i ask, will this have trading capabilities? (Sorry if this has already been asked, i havent read through the entire thing)
Yes, up to beta 3.5 you can trade to Firered and Leafgreen for sure. I haven't tried trading to the Hoenn games but I think zel hasn't enabled the flag for that. Test it out with VBA link, see if it works. If it does, that's probably why Bill stopped you in Ecruteak. zel needed to do something with that event anyway. If not, he's probably gonna do something in Kanto. Wow, I've managed to ramble on about nothing!

zel, take as much as a vacation as you want. No rush, just make sure you come back alright? Other hackers are never heard of again after their breaks. Good luck with the relaxation!